About Sarah

Her Life and Inspirations


Sarah Driffill is a Manchester Artist who specialises in oil paintings and pen sketches.


She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in Contemporary Craft Design. After university she worked in a bespoke jewellery retail environment where she learnt the value of individuality for each customer and precision of pieces.


In 2014, Sarah took the brave step to reduce her working hours to be able to focus her attention and drive on her real passion of painting and sketching in her art studio at her home in Sale. She uses a variety of pallet knives to create her paintings, leading to the creation of free flowing strokes but with added texture. Her paintings and sketches are based on her loves and experiences in life and places she has been, leading to her creating collections such as her woodland scenes and contemporary dancers.

One of Sarah’s collections is of ballerinas, which she has admired since being a child. She uses long sweeping strokes in their tutu’s to represent the elegance and beauty of the dancer’s presence. Repetitive layering of small rounded strokes in the background combined with a directed light source represent the eager anticipation of an awaiting audience as well as echoing the drama, nerves and excitement a dancer feels. Bright, vivid and contrasting colours fill every inch of the canvas and are used to attract viewers to her paintings and demonstrate the joy, positive energy and intensity that they evoke.


Commissioned Art provides her with the opportunity to use her skills of being able to provide the bespoke service she learnt in the hand crafted jewellery trade to her paintings through the use of acrylic paint, oil paint and pen sketches. Commissioned paintings and commissioned sketches can be tailored to each client, whether that is for a specific ballet pose or dancer movement to reflect a loved one or a colour scheme to match a particular room whilst keeping the impressionist techniques that she employs.


If you would like to contact Sarah for more information on commissioning work, paintings for sale or simply would like to send her a comment on her work, please send an email to sarahdriffill@gmail.com or alternatively complete the contact page.